C a r a C r u z

b       r      o       o        k        l        y        n

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CaraCruz, in Spanish, HeadsTails. When Jimena and Tania sit at the design table and start fiddling with their little hand-made glass beads, their semiprecious stones, their chains and charms, their pendants, they tend to laugh a lot. How can their taste and sense of esthetics be so different? Jimena grabs a couple of spike punks from a lush pile of newly acquired materials and sets them on the table. Tania looks and hesitates as she makes her selection. A moment goes by and Jimena can already anticipate Tania’s choice. It’s going to be the most unlikely combination, something that Jimena herself would never have gone for. As Tania sets a pink crystal bead next to the spikes, they both crack up in joy and satisfaction. They say that opposites attract each other and somehow that’s true for these two artists. Somehow, some form of loveliness comes out of the unique combinations that these two creative spirits and their four hardworking hands set out to choose.  


     But Jimena and Tania also have many things in common. Argentine expats in a city that breeds expats, they are both small town gals who wound up in Brooklyn as they were looking for adventures. They both come from families where things were always being made, bread and buttons, scones and scarves, necklaces and neckties.  Before moving to Brooklyn, Jimena spent most of her life in Viña, a small country town in the province of Buenos Aires. She later moved to Argentina’s capital and got her degree in Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires. She worked at one of the highest end top-model agencies in the country. Jimena has always gone for what’s fashionable and trendy, but there’s always a subtle tweak or a twist that distinguishes her inclinations.  .Tania thinks Jimena is one the most uniquely trendy people she’s ever met, whereas for Tania herself fashion just “happened one day,” perhaps against all odds. Tania grew up in San Julián, a small port on the Patagonia. She moved to the big city to study Political Sciences and for many years she envisioned herself as an academic. One day she took a trip to New York and fell in love with the vibe and looks of this city. From that marriage of politics and esthetics was born Tania’s 10-year-old business Viva Zapata. With one leg in Buenos Aires and the other in Brooklyn, this vibrant bag store sells online, in stores around the globe and at some of New York’s best seasonal markets, and is committed to fair trade and sustainable business practices.



    Finding the right materials is one of CaraCruz’s top priorities. Jimena and Tania are always searching for hard to find vintage stuff, chains, charms and other treasures from the fifties, sixties and seventies. Sterling silver, 14k gold filled, vintage brass plated, semi precious stones, crystals and handmade glass beads are their preferred materials. After lots of work, head scratching and amusement, three very defined jewelry lines were born.



Flip the coin. CaraCruz. We hope you love what you get.